Jasmine Woman (Chinese)

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One Movie. Two Actresses. Three Stories.

This is Ms Geisha in thee different roles which won her the Best Actress Award 2 years ago. Divided into three stories, Zhang Ziyi plays Mo, Li, Hua (Get it? Mo Li Hua = Jasmine), the grandmother, mother and daughter. Joan Chan plays the great grandmother, grandmother and mother respectively.

Don’t be confused. Jasmine Women reflects women in three different periods of Cosmopolitan Shanghai. They all make the same mistake – falling in love with the wrong men. Veteran actor Jiang Wen plays the flirtatious movie director, Lu Yi the stubborn comrade, and Liu Ye the overseas scholar.

Stereotypes aside, the movie is cinematographically beautiful in portraying the traumatic years of China from the Cultural Revolution to the 90s. Zhang Ziyi CAN act, as she tackles the 3 roles tailored for her comfortably. Unfortunately (or fortunately), she is trounced by Joan Chen who is simply splendid in her portrayal of the matriarch.

All bias aside, Jasmine Women actually shows how intricate a Made-In-China movie can be. Fans of Ziyi, this is probably one of her best works.

Jasmine Women – A movie for most mothers. (Incidentally, distributors will also be releasing one of Gong Li’s previous works, Beautiful Mother.)

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