Now and Forever (Korean)

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Director: Kim Seong Jung
Starring: Choi Ji Woo (Winter Sonata), Jo Han-sun
RunTime: 105 mins

Genre: Romance
Rating: PG

You know the thing about Korean dramas – They are always the same. Two impossible people will meet. get past all differences and fall deeply in love. Oh well, somebody will end up dying. most likely of cancer (to be more correct, leukemia). That’s if the girl is NOT the guy’s long-lost sister.

Before the talented and long hair guy can start weeping (he will try hard because he cannot act), and when the helpless and also long hair girl can say her last breath of "Sarangheyoo", the piano and violin music will start playing… *Yawn*

Now and Forever IS the same, but somewhat different. The playboy falls in love with the terminally ill girl, and you know happens – they fall in love. But for once, I did not sleep in the movie! The front part was fast (yes, fast for Korean standards), hilarious and really sweet.

As the story progresses, you start hearing more sniffing. I shall not say much, but you will probably need to prepare a pack of tissue if you are into it.

I who will never, never, never, ever weep in a Korean movie, also found it hard to control my tears. It is this macho guy thing, but I won my internal battle. The whole roll of girls in front of me was passing tissue. Give a payraise to the scriptwriter, who finds all ways and means to pull your heartstring. Just when you thought the saddest part was over, there’s more.

As the beady-eyed Choo Ji Woo says her last words (and of course the piano starts playing), that was the ultimate bid to make you tear. Sigh…. Love can be so beautiful.

Now and Forever – The most touching korean movie I have watched
(Please also look out for the connecting trees, which will definitely become another Korea’s hot tourism spot.)

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