Adams ├Žbler (Danish)

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Director: Anders Thomas Jensen
Starring: Ulrich Thomsen, Mads Mikkelsen
RunTime: 94 mins
Genre: Comedy
Who Should Watch: The believer and cynic in each one of us

(This entry is contributed by Vonjie, my room mate in office.)

I don't think I ever quite understood this genre (black comedy) nor liked dark humour until Adam's Apples. My room mate (author of this blog) recommended it to me because of its religiosity but I assure you there's nothing preachy about it.

It hits at the heart of the faith of Ivan, the priest who was trying to rehabilitate a neo-Nazi, who ended up trying to convince him out of what he considers is the blindness of his faith. Each time he does, Ivan literally bleeds from the ear.

What will floor you are the counter-instinctive actions and reactions of the priest to those he's trying to help and the sheer absurdity of the circumstances, which still somehow managed to seem very believable.

The film was also beautifully shot in the Danish language (with English subtitles), and helped me appreciate European films even more. The other must-watch this season is Sophie's Scholl.

Adam's Apple - When faith and extremism collide in absurb hilarity

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