See No Evil

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Director: Geogory Dark
Starring: Kane, Christina Vidal, Michael J. Pagan, Tiffany Lamb, Samantha Noble
RunTime: 79 mins
Genre: Horror
Rating: NC-16 (Violence & Gore)
Will Appeal To: Slasher Flick Fans

I grew up loving all kinds of slasher flicks from Nightmare on Elm Street to Friday the 13th. Most of those in recent times (Saw, Final Destination) require some form of brain work, but these B-grade movie survive precisely because they are mindless.

I remember writing a competition on "A Family" during my secondary school days. The family I wrote about ended up killing each other and eating body parts. Well, I got an "A" for that. Hmm...

You know the drift: 8 sex-craved or money hungry teenagers move to a dilapidated hotel and start dying one by one. They 'deserve' to die because they are hooligans, cheap, stupid and have nothing in their minds but sex or money. There can’t be anything more unoriginal.

There you have it, the cheap thrill of watching Kane the wrestler kill them off one by one. Some after they make up, some after the shower… you know it. As to why this movie is called See No Evil, the victims have their eyes gorged out.

It becomes kind of scary (and also so funny) that people laugh when the poor vegetarian girl gets thrown down 9 stories, cut by glass and then eaten by hungry dogs. Everybody dies in a different, but sick way. Blood, sex, gore… You name it. You have it. La La La... Ha Ha Ha...

See No Evil – You will like such a movie only if you like such movies

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