An Inconvenient Truth

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Director: Davis Guggenheim
Starring: Al GoreRun
Time: 129 mins
Genre: Documentary
Rating: PG
Will Appeal To: Mature Audience

No offence to anybody, but I wonder how many people will care enough to watch a documentary about global warming?

You may had enough reminder through your science/geography textbooks, or recycling bins around, or nagging from the “Clean and Green” clubs, but the haze all around us should give us enough indication – indication that we are not alone.

Al Gore, former Vice President of the USA presents this documentary in a sense of a lecture. Not the most interesting way, but the lessons are vital. The images and figures presented can be shocking to many, revolutionary to others, and life changing for some. The whole movie was basically a 2-hour plus powerpoint presentation. Yet the content and the charisma of the speaker was enough to sustain attention.

My only sceptical concern is that Al Gore may have a hidden political agenda. Though there were times I wished he won the elections instead. But what would have happened, it's anybody's guess.

I will do my part to save some energy and recycle bottles. In the meantime, you may want to visit to find out more.

An Inconvenient Truth – An important lesson

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  1. Anonymous Danielle 

    I've watched this movie, well documentary rather, and I think it is a really important issue that should be addressed. Everyone should watch it and start trying to change their way of life and their perspective on certain issues regarding this problem.

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