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Director: Christopher Smith
Starring: Danny Dyer, Laura Harris, Tim McInnerny
RunTime: 95 mins
Genre: Horror Comedy
Rating: NC-16
Will Appeal to: Guys who just want wicked and funny gore

Severance was rated a full 100% on rotten! Most of the time, films that score highly with reviewers are art-house productions or block busters. That is no easy feat, considering how critical some reviewers can get, especially with the horror/comedy genre.

Like all horror movies, a group of wackos (in this case employees from a weapons manufacturer) arrives at a dilapidated lodge for team-building. Sex and drugs aside, all is well till one of them lost a leg. The 'excitement' continues to be a competition on who will die first and most horribly.

You may wonder why this is a comedy. The filmmakers obviously knows what is going on with the genre. Dumb big breasted blondes, severed limbs and bloody killings can obviously drive the audience into laughs.

So if you are one who gets pleasure out of seeing others' pain and suffering, or wants more of Hostel-like movie, you will get a lot of blood and screaming women in Severance.

Severance – British humour in a scary way

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