Flushed Away

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Director: David Bowers, Sam Fell
Voice Talents of: Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, Bill Nighy, Jean Reno

RunTime: 86 mins
Genre: Animation
Will Appeal To: More adults than children, fans of Wallace and Gromit

Hugh Jackman Movie 3

This movie is a blast! I havn't enjoyed myself at an animation for such a long time. Personally, it is even more brilliant its predecessors Madagascar and Shrek.

The idea of rodents leaving at underground skewers below a toilet bowl may not appeal to many. There may not be a strong moral story at the end (such as the typical family ties or friendship), it is an enjoyable ride down.

Huge Jackman, Kate Winslet and Andy Serkis (Prrreecious) are one of their best. This shows how important voice actors are to an animation rather than just getting celebrity names. Huge Jackson doesn’t sound like himself! Kate Winslet is so feisty! The 'star' of the movie has to be Jean Reno who plays the French frog with his sardonic comments.

Pay attention to the details of the visuals. There is a lot of pop culture reference and tributes to movie characters from Hans Solo, Wolverine, Elvis, Nemo to Gromit. It may be very stereotypical, but who won't like jokes about the English football team?

If there are plush toys on those screaming/singing slugs, I will definitely get one of them. As they break out into song and dance, you join in the fun.

(The movie may not appeal that much to children and viewers who will not appreciate British humour though.)

Flushed Away – The best animation this year. Open Season and Happy Feet, watch out!

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