1408 (Film)

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Director: Mikael Håfström
Cast: John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary McCormack, Tony Shalhoub
RunTime: 94 mins
Genre: Horror
Rating: PG

One haunted hotel room. One paranormal story author. Death in under One hour. Four numbers 1408 which add up to 13.

Based on Stephen King’s short story, John Cusack plays author Mike Enslin who has visited more spooky hotels and graveyards than anybody, but firmly does not believe in supernatural beings. That is before he was handed the 1408's key over by Dolphin hotel’s manager Gerald Olin (Samuel L Jackson), who warns him of the ‘evil f***ing room’. The hotel has no level 13, and that room of on the 14th level has claimed 56 lives.

The starting was extremely promising, as most of us who stayed in hotels would have imagined some of the spooks, and wondered who was the last person who used the bed sheets. A slamming window, imaginary shadows, unstoppable taps, a clock radio which plays the Carpenters’s "We’ve only just begun"… Unfortunately, while the fear has just begun, it was starting to end.

When a horror movie lands on Hollywood’s hands, somehow CGI and special effects of blazing fires and falling snow do not work well in hotel rooms. Stranger things happen to Mike who turns hysterical, while the audience starts to feel bewildered.

1408 plays both a horror and psychological game, characteristic of Stephen King’s works. With John Cusack trying his best to act crazy, and Samuel L Jackson in just another disappointing supporting role, this is potential thriller turning into another mediocre horror. Once again, they fail to understand less is more.

1408 – You won’t want to stay in this room for too long.

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