Fido (Film)

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Director: Andrew Currie
Cast: Henry Czerny, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tim Blake Nelson, Billy Connolly, Dylan Baker
RunTime: 1 hr 31 min
Genre: Horror Comedy
Rating: NC-16 (Some gory scenes)

It is somewhat hard to pinpoint exactly what a film like Fido is all about, what it hopes to achieve, or what type of cinema goers it will attract.

A movie on zombie which is not scary, a comedy not exactly very funny, and satire which is not palpable, Fido may just attract those who wants to give this movie a try, or have nothing other to watch during the weekends.

Set in the 1950s Pleasantville-type era and space, zombies have been tamed by the company ZomCon to play the role of servants. Zombie deliver milks, try cars, do household chores, walk the door, and occasionally play companion to the bored human beings. So which becomes scarier at the end: the zombie or homo sapiens?

Carrie-Anne Moss plays Helen a desperate housewife who buys a zombie because it is a ‘must-have’ in the neighborhood. Fido the zombie becomes a family friend, and a potential love thread to the housewife. One can only imagine what happens when he runs amok.

With a brilliant mise en scene reminiscent of old American dishwasher advertisements, the picket fences and floral dresses create a vibrant and colourful mood to the movie.

Fifo provides an occasional laugh, and a satirical tone with dead people and broken limbs. But it can certainly push the buttons much more on its undertones and societal critic on racism and elitism. Pity pity.

Fido – A quite funny, not scary horror-comedy

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