The Leap Year (Film)

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Director: Jean Yeo
Cast: Wong Li Lin, Ananda Everingham, Joan Chen, Qi Yu Wu, Vernetta Lopez, Nadya Hutagalung
Runtime: 103 mins
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG

Love must be one of the most unexplainable and illogical thing in the world. As told in this love story based on a novel by Dr Catherine Lim, Li-Ann (Wong Li-Lin) embarks on a romantic journey with a man (Shutter’s Ananda Everingham) she only meets during her birthday – 29th of February.

From what I remember, Singapore has its exports of comedies and dramas, but few actually centre on love. The Leap Year is a refreshing piece from our island, though may not be as enticing to those in favour of Korean soaps.

I suspect that critics and audience may pan the movie, especially the irrational behaviour of the two in love. “Why don’t they exchange phone numbers/emails/addresses/facebook/msn?” Argh! “Aiyah, stupid boy/girl…run after him/her! Bodoh!” No, they don’t and end up waiting for 4 years just to meet that once. That’s even worse that that cowherd and maiden story. Either love is blind or toxic.

Wong Li-Lin is well casted as the damsel hopelessly in love with someone whom she met only for a few hours. The other girls fit in nicely fitted in the ensemble as well. Won’t say about the rest though.

For your information, I watched this movie alone, often finding myself chuckling at the silly things the couple do, taking notes of the quotations by Catherine Lim, and almost tearing at Corrine May’s Scars (Really got excited every time I hear Corrine May in a soundtrack). How lovely. But don’t think the rest of the critics share my sentiments.

A modern day fairytale which would frustrate the realists, but hey, we all need some juvenile hope that would keep our dreams alive.

The Leap Year - Be the 'siao' one who still believe in love, ya?

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