0104 (Royston Tan's Short Films)

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We used to be camp mates. I remember the times when he went around look for good looking guys in camp to cast them for his next short film. (I am too ugly to act anything for him lah.)

Years latter, he has become one big thing, being the only Singaporean to be named by TIME magazine as one of its “Asian Heroes”.

0104 is a showcase of some of his short films including 24 hours, Mother, Hock Hiap Leong and the more recent Careless Whisperer and Cut.

“Cut” was hilariously funny, with Neo Swee Lin as an ‘auntie’ from the censorship board who looked just like Teo Piak Choo / Edna Mode. She was pursued by a pirate VCD vendor. The ending was an Abba meet Count On Me Singapore meet cabaret show meet hunk galore spoof. I think it’s cheo dao peng and si bei song ah.

Singapore Idol reject Careless Whisperer in a love film. Somehow I felt sad for him after watching. I think there is a “careless whisper” in all of us. We try our best, crave to showcase our talents and we think we are good. But people think we are nuts and deluded.

My personal favourite was “Blind Trilogy”. From somebody with audio background, this piece means a lot to me. Ending it off with Corrine May’s “Fly Away” almost brought a tear.

Si bei ho cheo, yet si bei sad can? Plus fellow Singaporean, ex-army mate, must support mah! (Though I must add that Royston is considered luckier than many other struggling local film makers. He is indeed blessed to have many friends helping him.)

3 Responses to “0104 (Royston Tan's Short Films)”

  1. Anonymous Katie 

    how i wish there are more "Royston Tans" in singapore..haha..

  2. Anonymous BanBan 

    There are actually many more 'Royston Tans' around, if you are talking about local film makers. They are either 'unknown', unappreciated, or went commercial.

  3. Anonymous Katie 

    Sigh, so sad, are you one of the "unknown" ? haha.

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