Hidden "Caché" (French)

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A TV literary review, receives packages containing videos of himself with his family - shot secretly from the street - and alarming drawings whose meaning is obscure. He has no idea who may be sending them. Gradually, the footage on the tapes becomes more personal. His wife receives strange calls and becomes paranoid. His son goes missing...

Sounds like "The Ring" has come to France. If you are thinking so, that's more to it.

You will get still shots for as long as 5 minutes. Flashbacks and conversations don't seem to make sense. Hidden may irate you, bore you, excite you or make no sense to you at all. I came out of the cinema and messaged my friend "WTF". (Opps)

This psychological thriller is the winner of LA Film Critics Award - Best Foreign Film 2005. This is one of those movies when a tape isn't only a tape. If you have watched "The Swimming Pool", you know what I mean. Metaphors. Metaphors. So you know you ought to do some reading before watching.

I had a headache after watching. I am going back to watch it again next week.

Hidden – That's more than meets the eye

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  1. Blogger richardlimjr 

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  2. Blogger richardlimjr 

    Mystery purposely left Unsolved?

    There wasn’t really a bored moment for me in Cache (Hidden) as Auteuil and Binoche's performance that kept me interested through out most part of the movie and the urge to find out who the mastermind and what his or her reason for stalking. You can’t say that the urge for discovery wasn’t fulfilled but thinking back, I can find some merits for this movie (that’s beside Auteuil and Binoche's performance)

    There will be long moments where the viewers will be treated to looking at the flat of the main characters in one singular angle shot. It might seems like a waste of time but I felt that the director was trying to make the audience feel how is it like to be spying on people or even the victim’s feeling when they are watching the tape.

    Which will spiral down to the very little explanation of what going on. As again, I thought it was the director’s way of immersing the viewers into the main character’s feeling of being stalked with weird videotapes/drawings without any explanation. Can you imagine the state of confusion that the main characters are going through?

    In a way, it’s like a question that you can’t solved and not given the answer to it. It will remains deeply in your mind. Perhaps that what the stalker and the director’s intention? I learnt from imdb that it’s the director’s trademark to leave open ended endings, it might be his intention to leave the viewers thinking about this movie and remembering the question that remained unsolved.

  3. Anonymous BanBan 

    Yes, the mystery was purposely left unsolved, though there has been critics saying the video tapes are by far only his mental conscience.

    The movie works in the way because it irritates you, and keeps you thinking all the way. That's what a tape may not be a tape.

    I think a strong scene would be him reviewing the book at the 'live' studio.

    I missed out what was in the last scene. But I think people have to watch it twice in detail before they can join parts and get the full picture.

    The thing is not everybody appreciates an avade garde piece nowadays. You can't blame them because some directors do get overly indulgent.

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