Failure to Launch

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Matthew 'the-used-to-be-world's-sexist man' McConnaughy meets Sarah 'sex-in-city-family-stoned' Parker. They meet, and hitch, then sleep, but she cheats.

Introducing Tripp, the 30-something bachelor who still stays with his parents; Paula, the female Hitch who makes loser guy falls in love with her and dump them after they move out of their houses. They meet... and fall in love. Predictable storyline. *Yawn*

I do think McConnaughy and Parker look very good together and sizzle some on screen chemistry. However, too many lame jokes spoil the show. Their good friends are psychotic and losers in their own sense. Think cheap jokes. Paula's best friend wants to kill a mocking bird. Get the joke? Ha Ha. Not funny.

Failure to Launch reached No.1 first week in US Box Office. Nothing too surprising since audience love romantic comedies. Don't get me wrong. The movie's not bad, but it's not good either.

On another note, can somebody get my 30-something brother to off the house? But come to think of it, somebody should tell me where to get a place to move out. Hahaha....

Failure to Launch – Launched, but failed to impress

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