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It isn't that easy juggling so many things at one time, and 24 hours is never enough. I better spare some time to meet my friends, or they will think I am neglecting them too much. Sorry, sorry. Work lah!

"WHATEVER" - Not whatever. This is a store at Keong Saik Road, infamously famed in the past for the wrong reasons. Whatever is a journey for the senses which includes a all-in-one Whatever Yoga, Healing Space, Cafe, Bookstore, Concept Store & Lounge.

The friendly vegetarian café was a cozy and personable atmosphere –with soft yellow lighting, cushions and a display of Yoga and healing books. Perfect place to catch up with friends and tuck into some wholesome and healthy food.

Shared an antipasto salad with balsamic dressing with my JC friends. Délicieux! The pasta was appetizing and creamy too, but I missed my chicken wings and ham badly.

Ended the day with a game of Cranium. Each of us found a niche – mine in Creative Cat. I was never into politics, and felt really inadequate when I didn't know all the American presidents and carade "Saved by the bell". They got many questions correct; it can be geeky and freaky.

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  1. Anonymous Xiao Yan Zi 

    So I'm leaving a message.....and yes, i finally found time to go online.
    Waiting to see more photos of food and people!

  2. Anonymous BanBan 

    Yes, thanks for leaving a message. At least tell me that somebody is reading. :)

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