Nanny McPhee

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I don't like to admit it, but I dislike kids who run around and scream their heads off in shopping centres. I hate the invention called "wheelies" which give brats the excuse to knock into you, not say "sorry" and wheel off. Brats!!

I cringed at the idea of watching "Nanny McPhee". Would it be the same 'horrors of horrors' experience during Madagascar? Ooo... Thank goodness. The nephews/nieces of fellow reviewer's were well behaved. (Note: It' nephews and nieces.) I saw a 4 year old boy with specs. So cute! Probably a contestant in Singapore Brainest Kids. The words "Please" and "Excuse me" exist in his dictionary. Goody. Oh, and 3 girls in SCGS uniform. The school taught well.

Kids now are so lucky ah? I didn't get to watch my first movie till I was 12 and it was "American Tale". "Somewhere out there..."

The 7 kids in "Nanny McPhee" are boisterous and very ill-behaved, and I thought I would only see such sights at Carrrefour on Sundays. They drove away 17 nannies (just like how wives here will drive home 17 maids).

The moral of the story is: Get a ugly maid, I mean nanny like Nanny McPhee with 2 large growths and crooked teeth. The dad will never fall in love with her or secretly take pictures of her. The children may think she is a witch but who cares. As long as she gets her job done.

Emmy Thompson who played Nanny McPhee also wrote the screenplay. How talented! Don't we all wish our kids will grow up to be like her.

Such a joyful movie. Think it is such a refreshing change from all the Oscar heavyweights. Most importantly, they all live happily ever after... with behaved children.

Nanny McPhee – Your kids will love her. I did.

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