Samy's Curry

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Damage at Samy's Curry (Dempsey Road)...
Lime Juice $1.50
white rice $1.70
briyani $2.70
masala chicken $3.50
prawn $5.00
squid $3.00
curry mutton $2.50
fried fish $3.70
mysore mutton $2.50
fish cutlet $1.20
tandoori chicken $3.50

The moral of the story is...
1) White rice is more expensive than fish cutlet
2) Briyani rice is more expensive than mutton
3) ONE PRAWN is more expensive than chicken, squid, mutton, fish or even rice (!)
4) ONE PRAWN is more expensive than 3 fish cutlets
5) Mysore (Kelly, is it really called mysore?) mutton is not as sore as somebody
6) The curry's good, rice not bad, chicken ok, prawn......
7) You can choose to eat 3 prawns or watch 2 movies
8) People who look happy in the photo didn't order the prawn
9) I didn't order any prawn but it was left on my leaf

3 Responses to “Samy's Curry”

  1. Anonymous kelly 

    haha. i decided to use this comment box instead.
    i have nooooo idea what "mysore" means.. it's stated as that on the bill.

    don't be sore about it anymore. it's not the food, it's the company! ;) it was fun. how about the ones taken in creamery? hehe.. it'll be a loooong time before we ever do that again man.

  2. Anonymous kelly 

    did the comment register? or u need to approve before it appears?

  3. Anonymous BanBan 

    I think it needs some time to appear. Bad Bad. Lagging. I am not sore lah. It was all for fun... hee hee....

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