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While every time I look forward to the end of the semester, it was hard to see some of them go, especially when they brought fun and laughter to your job.

1PF011A – I remembered when I got the class, I was like "Oh my, they are so quiet." My first question to Hanis, Anjana and Thandar landed up with a stare in blank space. Now they are a different story all together. Was indeed gratifying to see your 'kids' grow up.

Some of the familiar faces were Shamira, Wani, Shazni, Angelia and Wang Bo. Was kind of 'proud' in a way (hahaha ) as they progressed a lot since last semester and (em..hmm..) hopefully I had a part to play. Hahaha...

Thank you for your RJs. It was heart warming going through some of it. I agree that I look cold, 'dao' and criticize too much. (Don't forget I am a critic. Haha..) Probably what Pris says sums up what I feel, "I have always enjoyed your lessons and it was great knowing you!! I know sometimes you may seem 'dao' but I believe you are a rather warm person to those who you are close to. You probably are putting up a 'barrier' to those whom you don't now well to safe guard yourself."

Yup. Education is a really tough occupation, and yes, there are times that I feel like letting go. I asked repeatedly "Why am I doing this?" This is a generation that felt close yet so far away. There were times when I wished what they were thinking, but I remembered I was 17 before. It was the age I was confused, playful, lost and finding my way too. Hopefully they can find their way out too, and remember there was once someone who would gladly offer his help.

I treasure many moments in class...when Desmond asks weird questions (haha... you won't want to know what questions) or when they freak me out with ghostly videos. I wish you guys/gals all the best. Continue to work hard and strive for your dreams!

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