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Before Desperate Housewives came along, I was hooked on a series of Desperate Single Woman Who Eats Peas for Lunch aka Ally McBeal. Lucy Liu seem to have taken places after it (maybe not anymore), and Calista Flockhart disappeared under the wings of a much older man.

Calista Flockhart returns as a nurse who has a new job in a rundown children's hospital, which reminds me of the one spurting green blood in a hospital based Japanese flick. The children see things at night, and talk to an imaginary mechanical girl called "Charlotte".

Is it scary? My friend who watched with me had his eyes covered for a good 10 minute, who claimed to have lost his balls momentarily. I think it's all due to the sound effects lah. This movie won an award for sound, so I can guarantee that some parts can be quite scary.

There's a twist! Emm.. no surprise. Even with the twist, the ending's still quite predictable, but at least I didn't laugh at Charlotte which I did for Sadako and Ju-On.

What's best about the movie? Calista Flockhart. No doubt about it. This girl can really act!

Fragile – Definitely better than Shyamalan's Unbreakable

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