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10 Things you must know about Ultraviolet
1) It stars the very chio Milla Jovovich with 'to die' abs, thighs and ass.
2) Milla should endorse shampoo, Loreal purple, red, black hairdye, B &L contact lenses and U-zap in the movie.

3) Ultraviolet is more chio than Electra, Aeon Flux and Lara Croft combined.
4) Ultraviolet (the movie) is worse than Electra, Aeon Flux and Lara Croft combined.
5) It is NOT a spoof of Star Wars.
6) You see white Darth Vaders and fire sabers though.
7) The best part of Ultraviolet is in its opening credits.
8) The worst parts are everything else.
9) Every ang moh heroine must speak an Asian language ridiculously. (Vietnanese for Violet - think Uma Thurman speaking Cantonses. Oh, she did!).
10) 701 men (both ang mohs, Viets, Darth Vaders and the baddie) cannot win 1 ang moh girl.
(To summarize, it's a 'so pa' movie when 1 girl kicks ass out of everything. There is really only 1 thing to watch in this show. Story? Got story meh?)

Ultraviolet - It's so bad I enjoyed it!

2 Responses to “Ultraviolet”

  1. Anonymous Darren 

    white darth vaders? Storm Troopers lah!

  2. Anonymous BanBan 

    Yes.... Storm Troopers. Whatever it is...... it looks like it's made from cardboard?

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