Running Wild

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Running Wild's a Made-In-Korea gangster movie where the detective and prosecutor happens to go after the same man - a mafia boss who does charity work. No twists. No surprises. The bad guy IS the bad guy.

5 reasons you should catch Running Wild

1) It stars Stairways to Heaven's Kang Sang Woo (hears screaming ladies)
2) You can catch his fake tan, probably sponsored by those self application lotion. Now, I know what NOT to buy.
3) It has fast cars, silly villians and brotherhood. All fair and square. Ultraviolet's for the guys and this for the girls.

4) Great acting, with Kang Sang Woo acting as a stubborn and impulsive dectective with more tears than Chang Jin.
5) You love fast action mafia movies.

5 reasons you should not watch Running Wild
1) Kang Sang Woo leaves his shirt on (too bad girls)
2) Kang Sang Woo has fake tan, and pretends to be man.
3) You may prefer Chow Yun Fatt earlier movies if you want fast cars, silly villians and brotherhood.
4) You can wait for MI3 which has better acting.... er... maybe not.
5) You prefer Da Chang Jin on Channel U.

Running Wild - Bang Bang. ... Zzzz.... Bang Bang.

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