Inside Man

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It's a pity Inside Man is in the newspapers for the wrong reason – bad censorship. A number of expletives (you know, the F, B, and D words) have been removed to make the film compatible with a PG rating instead of a NC-16.

A top notch cast of Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster, Number 1 first week in US box office, an 88 point on Rotten Tomatoes critic, this seem to be a "must-watch".

Wrong move for the bad censorship really. Firstly, it mars the overall pleasure. Imagine: What the _____, so _____ing bloody _____ . Yes, they have done it with awkward blank silence. It's not as if kids below 16 will watch Inside Man anyway, over say Ice Age or some other comedies. After all, Inside Man's more of a conversational piece than a visual one, and target will be mature audience.

The movie's about a well-planned bank robbery and keeps you suspended till the end. Spike Lee's energetic and clever bank-heist thriller touches on questions of race and class without taking away from the tension and fun of the cat-and-mouse games.

Inside Man - Enjoyable! If V for Vendetta is the movie for March, then inside Man will be the one for April.

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