Love Story 爱情故事

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An author gets into relationships to find inspirations to write his next best selling love story. The 4 women in his life are:

1) Theatre usher aka Ms Ninja Girl (Tracy Tan) who talks non-stop behind her mask.
2) Coquettish policewoman (Erica Lee) who loves making out in her uniform and hand cuffs. (Ooo... Ix will so prefer this than an I-Gallop)
3) Mousey librarian (Evelyn Tan) who will remind you of your Mathematics teacher. (She speaks the best Chinese but gets the least lines.)
4) Ah-Lian (Amanda Ling) who acts in dramas, dresses up like a Goth and ties you up like a character from the movie Hostel.

Kelvin Tong gathered the Best Director from this year’s Singapore International Film Festival. He brought us both arthouse and commercial pieces such as Eating Air, The Maid and the telemovie I used to watch late night no Channel U. His eye for visuals and direction is strong. Though people say he is a Wong Ka Wai wannabe, I beg to differ as their styles are very different.

Unfortunately, nobody really understands Love Story as it goes back and forth between friction and reality. Perhaps it is a little too experimental and self indulgent for the public’s liking.

A pity the movie only draws its laughs from the characters’ general poor grasp of Mandarin and exaggerated (or should I say bad?) acting. Erica Lee drew the most laughs. Go figure.

Love Story - Yes, Love is always this complicated and uncomprehensible.

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