Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles 千里走单骑

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Movies depicting father-and-son relationships often portray long journeys, as seen from La Grand Voyage and Riding Alone for Thousand of Miles. After the more commercial releases Hero and House of Flying Daggars, Zhang Yi Mou returns to direct this moving arthouse story.

When a Japanese father finds that his estranged son is dying, he decided to film a Chinese opera while his son left unfinished. Through his journey, he bridges the gap of an opera singer and his illegitimate son, also discovering a sense of family which he lost long ago.

Though only slightly about 100 minutes, this movie feels exceptionally long. Time is doubled because every Japanese/Chinese dialogue is translated. Read the subtitles if all else fails.

Colours have always been used strongly in Zhang’s films. Similarly, the movie offers picturesque scenery that will make any Canon digital camera holder proud. Otherwise, it may come across as being tedious and extended, which churns up a feeling of frustration. Perhaps this is what the director hopes to achieve. Have you ever tried talking to your dad/son without feeling frustrated yourself?

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles – A colourful but long, long journey

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