X-Men: The Final Stand

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10 trivia about X-Men: The Final Stand

1) Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) loses his shirt near the end of the movie which cheers female fans.
2) Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) loses more than her skin which does not cheer male fans.
3) Storm (Halle Berry) ends up No 2. in the movie poster with a new and much better haircut. That’s what fame can do.
4) Angel (Ben Foster) is No.3 in the poster but does very, very little in the movie except ..... fly? That’s what a good bod can do.
5) Magneto (Ian McKellen) will get his own movie in 2007. Incidentally, Ian McKellen is in 2 summer blockbusters, Da Vinci Code being the other.
6) Arclight (Omahyra) is NOT a transvestite (though my friend claims she is one) and was even voted one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in 2001.
7) Gambit (was offered to Josh Holloway from Lost) is one of the key mutants who hasn’t appeared in the movie series.
8) Leech (Cameron Bright) who is the cure for X-Men, has also appeared as the cure for Ultraviolet as the boy Six.
9) Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) and Deathstrike (Kelly Hu) are missing from this movie even though they signed up for 2 movies.
10) Don’t leave before the end of the credits.

X-Men: The Final Stand - I do not think this is the Final Stand (refer to 10).

2 Responses to “X-Men: The Final Stand”

  1. Anonymous xiaoyanzi 

    You mean there is something at the end of the credits?! It was "early" in the morning when i watched the movie, so the adrenalin stopped and sleepiness sets in once the credits started rolling. What happened in the end?!

  2. Anonymous BanBan 

    Don't want to be a spoiler.... but it hints that there may be a Part 4... and some people are not dead.

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