Silent Hill

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Gamers have been waiting for the movie remake, with the reviewer from First Magazine giving it a rare 5-star rating and turning Crrraazzy.

Some background information: All five Silent Hill video games were released to strong sales and critical acclaim. The movie remake of this survival horror franchise also reached Number 1 in US Box Office.

While the plot and elements of the film are quite faithful to the game, movie critics haven't been too friendly with it. Responses range from "dumber than a bag of coffin nails", "underlighted nightmare" to "the best looking bad film".

While many of the creatures in the movie are also taken from the second and third series of the game, most of the lead characters are original - Sharon the little girl with nightmares on Silent Hill and her mother Rose who wants to look for the root of the problem by bringing her there.

My take: The film makers paid too much detail to the visual aspects, every building, every street and every road. They forget that non-gamers will be still interested in a plot and a clever dialogue.

Overall, a visually exciting film matched with awesome soundtrack. Unfortunately, it ends with cheesy dialogues and a huge anticlimax.

Silent Hill – For gamers, not for moviegoers

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