Stage Beauty

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The Woman plays today, mistake me not, No Man in Gown or Page in Petticoat.

Kynaston (Billy Crudup), a man who plays woman on stage, feels like a woman, and sleeps with a man. Maria (Claire Daines) is his adoring dresser, which imitates him acting as a her.
King Charles dictates that stage doors will be open to women. Maria takes Kynaston’s role as Desdemona, while Kynaston finds himself in a situation where he has to act man.

Hmm... Very interesting, especially the bed scene between Kynaston and Maria. Maria asked “How do you exactly do IT?” Kynaston, who is the ‘woman’, shows another woman, how to be the woman.

“Shakespeare in Love” meets “Tootsie”. Crudup may not be the chioest drag-queen, but he was delightful to watch. How I miss Claire Daines too. A pity this will be not the kind of mainstream movie people would watch. The movie was also brought in about half a year late to Singapore.

It’s fun more than funny, like a playful play. Could have explored the gender issues a lot further. I just needed to feel more. Friend in fake angmoh accent, “But it was witty.” "Yah, agree!"

Stage Beauty – A pity not everyone appreciates such beauties.

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