Brokeback Mountain

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This is the movie everyone's talking about. Nominated for 8 Oscar awards! This movie made Lee Ang and Wyoming known to the whole world. When asked "Daniel, nice or not?" I would say "So-so, over-rated."

You know you are watching Brokeback Mountain when there are rows of guys in front of you wearing pink shirts or tight sleeveless tees. You know what I mean.

At least the movie allows you to see a different side to the otherwise stereotyped group. Health Ledger really looked repressed, but people had to subject to reading the Chinese subtitles because he was mumbling throughout the movie. Jake Gyllenhaal was so natural with his gaze that who would believe if he said he wasn't one! Incidentally, both of them are currently seen in macho macho movies like Cassanova and Jarhead - a wise career choice to shake off any 'false' perceptions.

You probably see more sheeps here than New Zealand. It was refreshing to see the Princess Diaries girl again (I admit I have watched both 1 and 2. Yes, I did!). Anne Hathaway look strange with big blonde hair and brown eye brows though.

This is a just another love story that dealt with a different subject. That's it. It was captivating, slow and the soundtrack was haunting. The final 'shirt' scene was one of the movie's strongest moments. In the end, I felt most of Michelle William's role as the wife of the gay man. But who cared about the women in this movie?

Brokeback Mountain - I am not saying it's bad. I just expected more.

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