Mrs Henderson Presents

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Judi Dench. Nominated for 4 Oscars, 5 Golden Globes, 8 SAG, and BAFTAs. My new idol.

Mrs Henderson is just bloody funny (at the start). British humour...hohoho... how I love it. She is so wickedly witty. With all the flirtatious undercurrents and 'act-blur' bitchness, she sizzles great on-screen chemistry with Mr Van Damm (Bob Hoskins).

Judi Dench plays a widowed super-rich 'tai tai' Laura Henderson. While most tai-tais shop for jewelry and shoes, she bought a theatre – one that featured nudes. (Hopefully this art movie doesn't appear in Yang Tze theatre frequented by hum sup lous with yellow umbrellas.)

Kelly Reilly was simply gorgeous as one of the nude dancers Maureen while British pop idol Will Young jazzed up the stage as... you know it, the gay singer.

This is not Crazy Horse or an act in Neptune Theatre. "Mrs Henderson Presents" slides sadness under all that glamour. I was mildly disappointed at the end though as I wished there was more to it.

Mrs Henderson Presents – Judi Dench steals the show

2 Responses to “Mrs Henderson Presents”

  1. Anonymous Derek Parker 

    I actually went to the Windmill - c. about 1958 - when it was still operating. Between the nude scenarios unfortunate comedians tried to entertaing the audience, who of course weren't there to see comedians - Tony Hancock was one of them, and Jimmy Edwards. It was a show which was continuous - it ended then immediately started again - and when the curtain came down and some guys left, others climbed over the chairs from the back to get nearer the stage! It was all very good-humour and great fun, and perhaps the least sexy show I've ever seen!

  2. Anonymous BanBan 

    Hi Derek, where are you from? Very interested to know.

    Have you watched the movie? Was "Mrs Henderson Presents" true to the depiction? Were nude 'performers' just stationary there?

    Why do you say it is the least sexy show you have ever seen? I suppose Mr Van Damm didn't really want to exploit the sex element, but all in good, clean performance fun.

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