My Girl and I (Korean)

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It must be love... I feel my heart beating in your palm when we hold hands.

Oh, you know it's another one of those Korean sob-sob zappy soapy love movie. In most Korean dramas, after guy and girl fall in love, and one of them is going to
1) Die of cancer (most likely leukemia)
2) Get amnesia
3) Find out the other is his/her long-lost brother/sister
(Spoiler: One of them is the correct answer for this movie)

Song Hye-gyo (from "Full House") stars as the school belle who falls in love with the dumber than dumb Cha Tae-hyun (of "Sassy Girl" fame). If you are into a beautiful love story matched with a poignant soundtrack and poetic mushy lines, please prepare to snuffle sob once again.

However, if you have watched Japan's "Crying Out Love From The Centre of The World" before, you will be annoyed with the blatant rip-off. (Okay, I read latter that it was based on the same book, but this interpretation pales in comparison.)

Hahaha... I thought I was over-reacting, but another friend said (quote, unquote) "Shameless. So irritated by the entire movie...Waste of time. :P"

My Girl and I - Did we see this before?

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