Summer Storm

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What happens when you fall in love with your best friend, who happens to be of the same sex? During a trip to a rowing summer camp, Tobi is confused and finds it harder and harder to hide his feelings for Achim. A young and gorgeous Anke shows interest towards Tobi, but he just doesn’t know how to accept her love.

The story gets complicated when there is a group of gays in the rowing camp. Tobi has to grapple with his internal conflict, prejudice and fear towards gay, while he is one himself.

While the society generally still has stigmas towards homosexuals, I believe this movie allows you to see the internal struggle they face. Are all gays effeminate, broken wrists sissy pots? You see a good stereotypical mix in the rowing team – the cocky, the athletic, the shy, and the ‘girly’.

I liked the way it uses images to explore feelings subtlety. A simple act of Tobi jumping to the water (as seen in the poster) – a mental release or a physical union?

Towards the end, you see only empty and lonely people, whether they are straight, queer, or attached. Being able to accept yourself is one thing, convincing the society to accept will be the challenge.

Summer Storm – A subtle and sensitive story - for straights, gays and confused.

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