Divergence (Hong Kong)

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The story about the cop, lawyer and assassin. Their paths intertwined and divergence emerged.

Of the 4 heavenly kings, I always feel that Aaron Kwok was the most underrated. He gives an intense performance as cop searching for his lost love acted Li Sin Jie. Daniel Wu is the assassin who kills a witness protected by Aaron Kwok. Ekin Cheng is the lawyer who defends crooks, including assassins.

With twists and turns of events, the movie may be confusing to some. The ending was not clear, but maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

After a slump of Hong Kong movies a few years ago, it is gratifying to see them producing what they are good at – detective action dramas. Though you catch glimpses of Infernal Affairs here, especially at the end, this is still a noteworthy effort.

Divergence – Infernal Affairs meets Storm Raiders

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