Initial D (Press Conference)

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(From Left)
Kenny Bee – Amiable and funny, fills up awkward silences
Shawn Yue – Cool, answers only when needed
Jay Chou – Obviously the star of the show. More chatty than I expected
Edison Chan – Shows boredom blatantly. Scribbles, yawns and doesn’t answer questions.
Anthony Wong – Signs of frustrations at ‘silly’ questions. “Don’t mess with me.”

Highlights from the conference
Q (to Edison): What kind of preparations you had before the show?
Edison: I do not need preparations.

Q (to Edison): Blah Blah Blah….
Edison: I do not wish to answer. (Scribble scribble)

Q (to Edison): What is your impression of Jay?
Edison: I am happy to be in this movie. His fans will watch this movie, and then notice me. It makes me happy. (Aww……..)

Q (to Jay): How did you react to appearing topless in the movie?
Jay: I am embarrassed. I have one big tummy!

Q (to Anthony): How do you find Jay’s acting?
Anthony: Good…. My answer is not enough?.... Very, very good then. (Well said)

2 Responses to “Initial D (Press Conference)”

  1. Anonymous meimei 

    chen got attitude problem ah.

  2. Blogger Starbreez 

    The Life! reporter today (22 June) was apparently so hung up on edison chen's bad attitude that her whole article (and the front page) revolved around it. Found that fact quite funny.

    Hey Ban, can pass me the pics you have for the press conference? Hee hee. :]

    I quite liked the movie, though there was room for improvement. And Zhou Jielun fit into the role quite well, could practically forget that it was Zhou Jielun some time into the show.

    Can I just say that Ong Soh Fern is one of the most bitter reviewers I've ever read in my life, she must snack on sour lemons! :p

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