War Of The Worlds

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You may have read the famous novel by HG Wells. Or you have heard of the radio drama by Orson Welles which created a mass alarm in 1938 when the listeners thought it was real. Genuine fear.

You definitely heard of the world’s biggest director Steven Spielberg and highest paid Hollywood start Tom Cruise. Put them together, you get one of the most anticipated movies.

Spielberg has worked his wand once again and created such a visual spectacle that you feel intense. No offence to Cruise’s fans, but he gives such a one-dimensional performance, that Dakota Fanning (his screen daughter) seems to steal a lot of limelight.

Aliens invade. The Boeing crashes. A touch of family drama. All the elements thrown in for a winning formula. Watch if you only want to be entertained. But do not bring eggs to the cinema, which you feel like throwing when you reach the ending.

War of The Worlds – Spielberg it is, but Wells and Welles it isn’t.

3 Responses to “War Of The Worlds”

  1. Anonymous Mark 

    Real spectacular special effects... but just too much of them. I already got rather sick of the 3-legged, tentacled machines 45 minutes into the show.

    The plot is just so thin.. One moment the machines were vapourising humans and the next moment, sucking blood to spray them all around. I was just wondering when it is all going to end.

    And the ending rather lame. Though I heard it followed closely to the book.

  2. Blogger The Movie Club 

    It was a visual spectacle.

    I felt that there were many flaws in terms of the storyline and continuity.

    Yes, I thought that the ending was just a convenient way to end it.

    Essentially, it potentially could leave a much deeper impact, but it didn't. Unfortunately.

  3. Anonymous Mark 

    Well... Not sure if it is mean to say that Steven Spielberg has passed his heyday? :x

    Guess not every movie could be perfect... like life itself, it's difficult to focus on all aspects and multi-task.

    Well, life goes on... :)

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