Initial D

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The most widely anticipated Hong Kong movie this year. You may want to watch it because
1) “Infernal Affairs” directors Andrew Lau and Alan Mak join forces again.
2) It has an eye candy cast for adolescent girls (Jay Chou, Edison Chen, Shawn Yue, Jordan Chan), aunties (Anthony Wong, Chapman To and Kenny Bee) and boys (Anne Suzuki, sorry there’s only one babe in the show).
3) You loved the Japanese comic “Initial D”
4) They have so many publicity stunts for it, which includes an earlier racing car girl contest.
5) You support Jay Chou (It’s his first lead movie!)

You want to watch it because
1) As a male, you get an adrenalin rush from watching the racing car scenes
2) As a female, you get an adrenalin rush when Jay Chou removes his shirt, and smiles

I want to watch it again because
1) The editing and cinematography has a strong comic feel (last seen this form of editing in “The Hulk”)
2) The soundtrack is appropriate, makes the movie look like an MTV.
3) Chapman To (who looks ready to take over Eric Tseng’s sidekick role) and Anthony Wong sizzles.
4) I loved the ending. Anthony Wong is just that good.
5) Jay Chou (I WAS not a Jay Chou fan.)

Initial D – You watch for the Feel and the Feel is Right

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i'm intending to watch Initial D in Malaysia
    Heard that the ticket price there is 1/2 of singapore's

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