Rumor Has It

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(To side-track a little first, there was a burly man going around to 'confiscate' tidbits and drinks not bought from the cinema. He was really INTO his job. My friend and I laughed at that perhaps he hasn't met his quota for confiscated tidbits yet. But what you do think about it?)

Back to "Rumor Has It". Dear Jenn never looked better before, not even as Rachel. Her hair was lustrous, she lost weight, yet the rest boobs got bigger. The power of a breakup.

Jenn plays a girl falling in love with a man who shagged both her mother and grandma (!!). The man is Kevin Costner. You know the careers of some Hollywood leading men are on a downslide when they start acting comedies. (Remember "Dances with Wolves"?)

In a span of one year, Tai-Tai Grandma Shirley MacLaine saved 3 movies..."Bewitched", "In Her Shoes" and she has done it again!

The movie's based on the Hollywood Classic "The Graduate". Bold attempt, pretty frivolous storyline you may say, but it's still funny at parts (when grandma appears). With so many movies out this week (especially when Oscar's are coming), I am still very sure this movie will make it to Number 1. Let's wait and see.

Rumor Has It – Jenn, try harder. But we still love you.

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