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I had a hard time just finding someone to watch this movie with me. Is it Jet Li or is it because they think it’s a dumb, action flick? I am a fan of Jet Li (at least more than Jacky). It’s Top 5 in the US, so it can’t be that bad, right?

Jet Li plays Danny the Dog. Once he’s unleashed, he listens to his master and attacks his enemies like a howl dog. Interesting plot, and you look forward to uncover more. It starts off really promising – dark lighting, jump cuts, action sequence, music from Massive Attack. Feels as though you are watching an MTV.

Enters Morgan Freeman – the blind piano tuner who saves Danny from his master and teaches him about life and music. From then on, I started looking at the watch every other minute.

Questions were unanswered. Fighting sequences looked familiar and uncreative (probably because Yuen Wo Ping is used in every action movie). Movie reminded me of Hong Kong martial arts movies in the 80s.

I walked out of the cinema feeling that this was just lame. I felt sorry for the friend I dragged to watch this movie with, telling him “It can’t be that bad, right?”

Unleashed – Ans: It’s that bad.

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